I had to go back to check on the experiment: A K and 5th grade collaboration!
6 days ago, Eastview Elementary
K and 5 exp
Not even 3 full weeks to go, end of the longest teaching year ever, yet Eastview staff & students both are focused & engaged in learning. This experiment is just one example, across the building students are researching animals, learning scientific concepts through tie-dying shirts, creating digital book "trailers", and much more. I'm proud of our staff. I'm proud of our kids. I'm appreciative of our parents and community.
6 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Pride board
April Students of the Month (focus was on Pride) - great job Eagle Leaders!
6 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Families: We've distributed the yearbooks that were ordered. However, we have extra. First come, first serve. Please email Ms. Kennedy Jones, kjones@fayette.k12.in.us ($10 each). Thank you! Principal Kates
8 days ago, Eastview Elementary
13 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Families: Next week is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! Of all years, the Eastview Team deserves our love, respect, and appreciation more than ever! Please see the flyer below and see just one way you can support us on Friday. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BN0zCFcmz5wL7t4h42R0-_80wm1T5J6n/view?usp=sharing
14 days ago, Eastview Elementary
15 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Our new window graphics look incredible. Not just aesthetics, as we also added a safety film. Thank you to some talented & dedicated people behind the scenes for writing grants and designing the art. It takes a village. First of many steps we're taking over the next several months to upgrade our learning environment; kids deserve to walk into a building each day that they can take deep pride in, where they can feel a strong sense of community. Best is yet to come, Eastview!
16 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Side Window
Front Window
Thank you Ms. Grizzell for working on this Virtual Art Show for some of our Eastview students (along with Everton and Frazee). https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iwc_pKs5Fm9DwAyc02NxUT-D5OEqwuWO5qh-cC0VgPs/edit?usp=sharing Starting Monday the following theme days will be happening to hype up the show! Monday: Wear mismatching patterns! Tuesday: Be a complimentary pair with a friend! (red/green, Blue/orange, yellow/purple, you wear one color they wear the other!) Wednesday: Dress like an artist!! Thursday: Blues Day! (what did Picasso and music have in common? The Blues!) Friday: Rainbow Day!
20 days ago, Eastview Elementary
20 days ago, Eastview Elementary
I don't recall approving this poster. Maybe it was when I told Student Council "I'll pretty much do anything....make it as ridiculous as you want...if it's for a good cause and for the kids, let's do it.." Maybe that was it?
21 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Pie in Principal's Face
Families: State testing starts tomorrow, 4/20, grades 3 through 6. We are so proud of our kids. Get outside and be active at night, get to bed, and most importantly just show up with an "I got this" attitude. Tests are an important measure of our kids' development, but they are limited in what they tell us about the human beings we're all working together to nurture. I'm impressed by how our kids have grown academically, but moreover I'm proud of how they've developed throughout the last year as people. Parents & guardians, we're a team...keep the vibes positive and get those kids to bed!
23 days ago, Eastview Elementary
Sarah Paxton (L) and Mary Callahan (R) are Life Skills teachers at Eastview Elementary. During the month of March they held a fundraiser for Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2021. Students were asked to bring in change for two weeks. The fundraiser was called Change For Change. The students and staff brought in $1406.03!!!!! A huge thank you to the students and staff for supporting Life Skills and Down Syndrome. The money was sent to Down Syndrome Indiana.
about 1 month ago, Eastview Elementary
Mrs. Paxton & Mrs. Callahan (Eastview LifeSkills Teachers)
We're excited to announce the Students of the Month for March. Our character focus was on demonstrating a "growth mindset" - we're proud of our Eagle Leaders!
about 1 month ago, Eastview Elementary
Students of the Month K-3
Students of the Month 4-6
Eagle Family Update for April - Thank you! Principal Kates https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sAj4GTV87eKAYH5UVgIQoP68-z6HoZOm/view?usp=sharing
about 1 month ago, Eastview Elementary
I was measured by Life Skills class today. I think I won?
about 1 month ago, Eastview Elementary
Please see the FCSC Kindergarten Registration Flyer.
about 1 month ago, Eastview Elementary
FCSC Kindergarten Registration Flyer
Quick Nic's donated 50 of these bad boys today for our teachers and entire support staff. We appreciate the support from local businesses!
about 2 months ago, Eastview Elementary
Quick Nic's
Free meals over break - thank you Chartwells.
about 2 months ago, Eastview Elementary
Free Meals
Eastview staff appreciation snack cart ready to roll....rock n' roll that is, as I'll be blaring some Queen upon entry into rooms! Our Social Committee goes above & beyond to keep our staff's cups full!
about 2 months ago, Eastview Elementary
Eastview Snack Cart